*Ad Hoc Processes - A Few Words Of Caution:
  • The processes here are NOT to be seen as a representation of the standards to which we work. These are presented "As Is". That is, they are examples of what we have actually found in operation with some of our clients; the content is virtually identical to the original (we've corrected some grammar & spelling where it was obviously in such need but have not formally reviewed the content for logical consistency) . We have tried to apply a standard "Pro-Tess feel & format" to all, where possible, to ease relationship identification further down the line.
  • The level of detail varies greatly across these particular processes. Additionally, some processes mix activities that eTOM would present in different levels. where we encounter such discrepancies in processes we feel can be imported into the eTOM process framework, we will "delayer" these processes and rebuild them.
  • Many have their origins in a pre-eTOM era, some date back as far as 1997. This is not in itself a bad thing - a good process will stand the test of time.
  • The format of the step flow web pages will vary slightly. This is because we are constantly making slight adjustments to the production code to help improve presentation & readability; this reflects the fact that process improvement is continuous - a programme, not a project, even for us.
  • Un-numbered Processes do not (yet) have an associated process flowchart. This is either because one was not produced with the original documentation or one was produced but we have yet to reformat it into a compatible style.
  • We are trying to move completely away from a paper based document system and as such have made no provision for printing our work out correctly formatted for paper.
  • We welcome any comments on what is in this section, positive, negative or completely indifferent.
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Last Updated: April 2, 2012