Contractor Costs Calculator v0.55
Incorporates the following variables;
  • Contract Start & Duration (determined by length or given end date)
  • Contract Location
  • (Contractor Departure Point)*
  • Contract Rate, including currency and remuneration rate (hour/day/month/etc.)
  • Travel between point of origin** and Contract Location
  • Local Public Holidays
  • Benefits Package (what the contrctor is liable for)
  • Agency Fees - if available
  • Local Taxes - if available
  • Local Accommodation - if available
  • Local Travel (commuting) - if available
  • On-contract Meals
  • Travel from Point of Entry (e.g. Local Airport) to Contract Location - if available
  • Currency Ratios (uses US$ as calculation reference currency)
Calculates, for contract duration:
  • Number of Days "In Country"
  • Number of Actual Working Days
  • Number of Public Holidays within the contract period
  • Total cost of Accommodation
  • Total Cost of Commuting
  • Any Local Taxes Payable
  • Total Agency fees
  • Travel Costs at Contract Start & End
  • Total cost of any tools required
  • Total Cost of On-contract Meals
  • Other Identified Contractor Liabilities
  • Total Nett Value of Contract
  • Total Cost of Contract
* Under development.
** Currently static - will be incorporated in future release.
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Last Updated: August 30, 2012