The following paragraphs are extracts from the first (and to our knowledge, only) DTT(UK) Ltd sales brochure. They (should help to) give an idea of the company's activities in the mid-1990s.

It should be remembered that at about this time analogue mobile phone services were still in an evolutionary stage, lacking much of the functionality available on the current G2 & G3 digital services.

Remember these? - a selection of Analogue Mobile Phones.

Digital mobile phones were just becoming available and, like all new technological products & services, carried a premium price tag. Many of these DTT(UK) Ltd. products were very innovative requiring significant in-house development on the custom-built switches used by the company:

The Company

DTT (UK) Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of DTT (Ireland) Ltd. Since its inception in 1994 it has been actively investigating and investing in the worlds best telecommunications markets and because of this work we can now offer substantial worldwide cost savings on calls around the world. We have agreements in place with three of the world’s top 5 telecommunications companies and are vigorously seeking new partners.

The Staff

DTT (UK) regard its people as important an asset as equipment. As such, the recruitment and training of staff of the highest calibre has run in parallel with the procurement of state-of-the-art equipment. You can be assured that whenever you deal with the company you will receive a helpful and understanding response from our specialist operators. In the unlikely event that these highly motivated and qualified staff cannot help you, one of our senior management will always be available to discuss the situation. We pride ourselves on our customer relations and, although we hope that you will not need to contact us with a problem, we will always be willing to listen and to resolve any problems that you encounter in a satisfactory manner.

The Technology

DTT (UK) Ltd. has a fully digital fibre optical network allowing us to offer you “Toll Quality” calls to virtually anywhere in the world. We have interconnect agreements with several of the worlds major telecommunications operators.


DTN 120 ISP & associated LAN Server

DTT (UK) LTD’s switch technology is “state-of-the-art”, using time division multiplexing (TDM) across a fully digital switch. The switch itself is recognised within the industry for its speed of operation, reliability and flexibility. It is upon this functionality platform that DTT (UK) Ltd. can offer a wide range of specialised services, many of which can be tailored for individual needs.

The Products


Key DTT Staff preparing for a UK telecom service provider exhibition

The DTT Phone Card.

This is a pre-paid card, available in unit multiples of 20, 50, 100 & 200. The card itself can be used from virtually any phone in the world (although in some countries coins may be needed to be able to initiate the call, these are generally refunded at the end of the call). Among the advantages such a global card can offer is the fact that a DTT Phone Card purchased in one country can be used in any other country, with the advanced technology switch calculating the appropriate rates. Calls are charged by the second and the card decremented according to the rate in force. For example, with a card bought in the UK, a call to, say, Italy would be charged at a certain rate. This same card can then be taken to, say, Cyprus, and use to make a call to the USA. The in-built intelligence of the DTT switch will calculate the appropriate rate for a call between these two countries and decrement the card accordingly. Naturally, both these rates are among the most competitive in the world.

The Loyalty Phone Card.

This Product combines the DTT phone card with an existing Loyalty card, such as those supplied by the major supermarket chains. It therefore performs both functions whilst reducing the number of cards a customer needs to carry. It offers the potential for customers to accept telephone minutes in place of loyalty points. Additionally, the intelligence inbuilt to the DTT (UK) Ltd network can allow customised greetings to be replayed to the caller whilst s/he is waiting for connection. This allows, for instance, an advertiser to inform potential customers of limited special offers in a very short time-scale; e.g. “This afternoon only between 3 and 4 o’clock, one dozen eggs for 50 pence.” For the Loyalty card issuer this offers the means of dynamic advertising. For the telephone user, the latest special offers.

Corporate Dial-Back.

This is an account-based service whereby a customer dials a pre­determined number and the DTT switch immediately initiates a call back. Like the Phone Card, this is a globally available service, but it is primarily aimed at businesses wishing to reduce their telephone costs. Because it has the added advantage of portability, individuals within a company can be given a card with which to make calls whilst away from the office, and credited to the corporate account. An itemised bill will detail all calls made over the system.

Delayed Dial-Back.

This service combines an automatic call booking system with the advantageous call charges on offer via DTT (UK) Ltd. A customer has an account, either via a Phone Card or via a corporate account. However, instead of initiating the call immediately, s/he requests that the DTT switch sets the call up at a predetermined time over the following 24 hours, then dials in the required number. At the appointed time, the switch calls the customer, then calls the number the customer entered and the call proceeds as normal. There is a nominal charge for this service.


For this service, a customer sets up an account with DTT and is given a unique UK (currently in the range 01202 351YYY to 01202 354YYY) phone number. They can then dial into that number from anywhere around the world and register the phone number of their current location. They may then give out the number to anyone they choose and, when dialled, the DTT switch will transfer the call onwards to the number stored. This service has many of the advantages of a mobile phone without the inherent drawbacks (theft, cloning, inflexible contracts, etc.). The account owner is billed for each forwarded call (at DTT’s very competitive rates) plus a small handling charge for setting up and monitoring the account.

The Future

DTT has investigated the many problems with existing services and equipment used by other Telecommunication companies and as such our company has learnt by other people's costly mistakes. So it only leads us to the following:-

"The Investment. The Equipment.
The Staff. The Customer. The Service......
The Future?.......... DTT Limited!"

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