Process Governance
  • Essential Capability;
    • Can stretch beyond initial competencies of Enterprise Architects & Business Analysts.
  • Covers;
    • Roles (e.g. process owner, process manager, process analyst.),
    • Responsibilities,
    • Duties,
    • Decision-making.
  • More Focussed On The Internal Activities Of Business Process Management Group Setup
    • e.g. who nominates process owners, who signs off on a new Business Process Management methodology, etc.
    • can evolve around the governance of specific business processes,
    • Includes advising on the responsibilities of a process owner,
    • the implementation of corresponding decision-making authorities, or,
    • the institutionalisation of process-related tasks in a line of business.
  • Typically involves close collaboration with Human Resource Management.
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Last Updated: March 21, 2012