Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity. Keep on going despite any event that has a negative impact on capabilities. But there is a point where ensuring that the business functions as normally as possible and where emergency measures have to be introduced. These measures can be clearly labeled as "Disaster Management" due to the fact that it has clearly been proved that an event - or series of events - have made normal operations impossible.

Such activities are covered under the relevant section. Here, the focus is on what is needed to continue to provide the service your customers expect, preferably without them being aware of the changes affecting your operations.

Each operation has it's own unique requirements, and each will require a comprehensive Cost/Benefit Analysis in order to decide which processes to protect, but there are a set of "generic" configurations that can be introduced to assist in business continuity.

There is no clearly defined activity that "belongs" in "Business Continuity" or "Disaster Management" - in fact, a truly responsive policy will allow for activities to be moved between the two areas according to business requirements. Furthermore, there is little to be gained financially from introducing elements of a Business Continuity plan that cost more than the business process they are designed to protect.

Unless there are other, over-riding factors involved, the management of such activities lies outside Business Continuity.

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Disaster Management
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Last Updated: May 21, 2012