eTOM High Level Processes

(End-to-End Flows Under Development)

The 16 high level (or what we've called "Level 1") processes shown in the diagram above are supported by several layers of ever-more detailed sub-processes and, eventually, procedures & work instructions. A full set of these entities can comprise of over 20,000 different elements. The low level (generally, but not always, level 4) processes are then "daisy-chained" together to generate end-to-end flows. The final version of the tool developed within Pro-Tess to build this process framework will offer the ability to dynamically construct these flows as required, taking into account any logical choice encountered in the flow.
An example of such a logical choice could occur where, for instance, two customers request the same service but only one of them has the physical infrastructure in place. Although both would correctly be "Service Fulfillment" flows, one would comprise many more steps than the other due to the need to also provide the physical infrastructure (resource) needed to carry the requested service.