Measurement Process

Change Request Handling

Process Step Description Responsible
Receive Request KPI request will be received from customer through Change Manager. If there is not any request then go to Collection process. KPI Manager

The request shall be analyzed using the following rule:

1. Define definition and tools by utilizing the expertise within Company organization,

2. Define the owners of KPI and then manage the interface agreement. The interface agreement between KPI Manager and the owners contains a list of the KPI owner, storage of the report and the contact partner at the customer.

When the request can not be define, the KPI request will go back to Change Management with remarks or notes from KPI Manager

KPI Manager

Data Collection

Process Step Description Responsible
Collect KPI data KPI data measurement will be collecting per monthly basis. Owner is obliged to fill the monthly result in “KPI Status” file that are provided in shared directory.

KPI Status file are provided in Project\Project Repository\KPI & SLA Status\KPI. When all the data is collected, go to the assessment process.
KPI Manager
No Data When all the necessary data result is not available at the time scheduled, KPI Manager will be asking for the missing data and owner is obliged to give the data in any transport means available i.e. email, transfer file or physically delivered to QM.

The owners and their associated KPI is listed in Appendices 5.2
KPI Manager

Data Assessment

Process Step Description Responsible
Assessment Contract schedule 2 part B clause 4.1 & 5.1 would be used as a reference document for assessing KPIs measurement data result. Weather the contractual target is achieved or not, Assessment function shall lead to Calculate Penalty Point function. KPI Manager
Calculate Penalty Point Calculate Penalty Point process is automatically covered in the files that are provided to Owners, which is “KPI Status” file.

KPI Status files is listed in Appendices 5.3

The owners are responsible to store KPI raw data into a storage that defined by interface agreement between owners and KPI Manager. The storage should be in such a manner that the raw data shall always be accessible for audit purpose. The owners are also responsible for maintaining all report in a timely manner.
KPI Manager

Corrective Action

Process Step Description Responsible
Register Action The owners shall be urged to do corrective actions. Action taken is registered in KPI Management log book. KPI Manager
Monitor Action KPI Manager shall be monitoring the corrective actions that are taken by The Owners. KPI Manager
Escalate When the corrective actions are not taken, an escalation procedure shall be implemented. This procedure will refer to Appendices 5.4. KPI Manager
Verify For every action that has been taken, verification note would be implemented and compare the result to the contractual requirement. The Verification function will lead to Register Action function when contractual target is missed otherwise go to Review process when contractual target is met. KPI Manager

Consolidation Process

Service Credit Calculation

Process Step Description Responsible
Calculate Service Credit The “Editor” file shall be used for Calculating the Service Credit. The “Editor” file is listed in appendices 5.5. KPI Manager
Verify Calculation This procedure is taken to ensure that the calculation stated at Calculate Service Credit process above is measured correctly. When all the calculation is complete, the flow then goes to Review process. KPI Manager
Apply Correction Correction shall be completed in the help of discussion with KPI owners and Quality Manager. KPI Manager


Process Step Description Responsible
Report Editing A final report shall be produce from “Editor” file. An Editor file is provided in Appendices 5.5. A final report is a file that is builds from many source data, i.e. KPI data result, SLA data result and internal discussion data within the Company. SLA data result shall be provided from another process called SLA Management Process. The final report shall be called "Monthly Report." KPI Manager
Management Review

This procedure is a Company management review for the monthly report. The review is divided into 3 categories:

1. First review shall be conducted within internal Quality Management area.

2. Review that will be conducted between KPI Manager and The Owners. The discussion shall be focus on performance evaluation of monthly report, i.e: evidence related to each of KPIs

3. Management Review shall be conducted with Company Management which will discuss about KPI i.e Penalty Point, Service Credit and Deduction of payment from customer

KPI Manager
Apply Correction Correction of the Monthly Report will be applied based on result of the Management Review. KPI Manager
Duplicate The procedure is a process of duplicating the Monthly Report. KPI Manager


Process Step Description Responsible
Distribution Register The procedure details the list of function within Company and Client point of contact that should be reported, which is describe in Appendices 5.6 KPI Manager
Distribute This procedure is an action of distributing the Monthly Report KPI Manager
Submit Report This is a procedure of submitting the Monthly Report to customer. KPI Manager
Rectify Rectify is a procedure that is referred to a failure of Submitting Report action. An emergency action shall be taken to make sure that the report is delivered to customer. KPI Manager
Obtain Client Confirmation The procedure is taken for the report that is delivered to customer. KPI Manager
Rectify The procedure is taken when the report is not delivered to the customer. A necessary action shall be taken to make sure that the report is delivered. KPI Manager