Our Process Tool
Release 1.0
  • Requires only standard, “off-the-shelf” software,
  • No "Tool Specific" training required,
  • Highly customisable,
  • Takes standard (Visio) diagrams, automatically & quickly creates “step-flow” description templates,
  • Creates relevant internal & external hyperlinks,
  • Exports diagrams to correctly linked web pages,
  • Allows retention of, and linking to, existing documentation,
  • Allows arbitrary end-to-end flow diagram creation,
  • Can reduce many Business Process Engineering tasks from months to days.
  • Currently only available “in-house”,
Release 2.0+
  • Will allow automated, dynamic, parameter driven end-to-end flow creation,
  • Will be packaged for retail.
Sample Step Flow Template
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Last Updated: February 7, 2012