Technical Authoring &
Document Management
Project Brief Description
Update network management support documents for a global energy company. Designed & built MS Access document index. Developed standard document templates. Gap analysis on existing systems, processes and procedures. Worked with Process, Procedure & System developers to bring existing documentation in line with Sarbane-Oxley requirements. Documented existing perl scripts using the NaturalDocs system.
Operations, sales & marketing literature production. Copywriting & layout for innovative alternative UK telecom provider brochures. Technical network & service specifications documents submission for UK telecom service provider licence application.
Review, format & correct contract bid documents for a national mobile telecom company. Reviewed, deconstructed & rebuilt several hundred bid support documents. Produced and applied a standard template across all documentation. Localisation, spelling and grammar correction as required. Customisation to allow re-use for bids with multiple international suppliers.
Create bid support documents for a global telecom manufacturer. Supported the sales & marketing in the production of Service Level Agreements & Service Contracts for network operations & maintenance.
Review & update field maintenance support documents for a global manufacturer. Reviewed, updated & rewrote field service manuals for ATM (cash dispenser) engineers, Reviewed & recommended Process & Procedure changes for ATM maintenance, Updated documentation to reflect global cut-over from 56k to broadband network operations.
Service level agreement, training & process definition for a global manufacturer. Developed process models for the maintenance procedure to optimise world-wide resources. Developed the product global training program. Constructed & agreed global service contracts on behalf of client.
Web site content creation. Authored various short (800-1,000 word) articles on various subjects for inclusion in unspecified client web sites.
We have experience in many major document management & authoring tools, processes & protocols. We are pleased to offer an extensive array of technical authoring experience available on- or off-site.
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