Basic Web Site Authoring
On occasions, it is necessary to set up a rudimentary web site in order to test certain key processes, especially during a start-up venture or major transitional programme. We generally offer this option as a preliminary task to that of a professional web site development, which may be instigated at a later date, once the requirements of the processes have been more clearly defined. However, we also have this facility available as a stand-alone function, as demonstrated by the links below.
Project Brief Description Link
Local, independent bar, Bangkok. Written on request from a prospective purchaser. The purchase subsequently failed and the bar now has had a complete re-fit under its new owners. Kanjana Bar
Local, independent bar, Koh Chang. Written by request of the new owner. Sadly the bar was unable to survive the current economic climate and has now closed. Meaw Bar
Local, independent restaurant, Bangkok. Written on spec as an attempt to offer the restaurant an alternative sales & advertising channel. Takomatsu Japanese Restaurant
Local independent travel agency, Bangkok. Site still under review. The link to the existing site will remain until the client accepts or declines the update.
Our original company web site. Final incarnation of what began as a single page web site created in 1994. Expanded genetically as the company moved into new areas. An advertising spambot virus on the web host triggered it's pull-down and the creation of the current site. We've re-used much of the original content, updating as necessary, however, not all content will be replicated here. KnowWare Fast
We have experience in many major authoring tools, processes & protocols. We are pleased to offer an extensive array of Web site authoring experience available on- or off-site.
Please contact us for more details.