Process Compliance
  • An Area of Substantial Interest;
    • Increased acknowledgement within the industry of the role of business processes & business process models in their transfer to more compliant entities.
  • Key Challenges for the Business Process Management Group;
    • build up a sufficient level of knowledge about relevant compliance standards (e.g. BASEL2, SOX, Dodd Frank) in order to customise the Business Process Management methods, tools & techniques,
    • May require collaboration with (external) compliance experts & auditors.
  • Tends to be limited to the design of compliant process models;
    • i.e. Does a process model comply with a mandated standard?
  • Scalability & Localisation, when:
    • a high number of compliance standards in various regions of the world impact operations,
  • Could Include Ongoing Compliance Monitoring Support Services:
    • i.e., Does the organisation work in a way compliant to the specified process model?
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Last Updated: August 7, 2013