Sample SLA Measurable Parameters (KPIs)

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It should be noted that these come from various sources compiled over the last 15 years. Some are for mobile phone network operators, others from equipment providers; some deal with relationships with an end-user directly, others are strictly business-to-business or inter-departmental measurements.

These data will be periodically reviewed and, where appropriate, amalgamated and aligned with the processes in the eTOM framework detailed elsewhere on this site. They are very much a work-in-progress.

Also of note is that there will inevitably be duplication; this being due to the fact that the KPIs are drawn from disparate independent sources as opposed to coming from a common KPI database. It was decided from the outset to present this section as a "living segment" in the belief that continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection - especially in the fast changing business world, continually changing business requirements mean today's defined "end state" may never actually be attained and to wait for it would be a pure act of folly as that would mean we never, ever, create a working set of agreed KPIs.

In any case, we believe it's better to focus on identifying WHAT you need to measure, rather than drill down to create the actual parameters, which are likely to not only change over time but also vary from region to region and even between similar companies within a particular region.

We're close to defining a common structure for the KPIs we've recovered but the step from where we are to building a working, dynamic database is not a high internal priority for the business in 2012.

We do not present these as "definitive", merely as a guideline - a first step. You may freely copy what is included here and use entirely at your own risk. We do possess a much greater wealth of data than is currently shown here and this will be added in our own time once any required formatting, standardisation and validation is completed. If you require a set of KPIs developed for your particular needs, please contact us.

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